About Us

“If You Lived Here, You’d be Home Right Now!”

The Pointe at Rock Quarry Park in Columbia, MO was founded with the simple philosophy that it would provide the community with well-built, well-maintained properties that are locally owned and managed.

In The Beginning…

The Pointe has been providing an ideal home for Columbia students for the past decade. The first phase of The Pointe was established in 2011 when our first five buildings were completed. It consisted of forty townhomes that enclosed the clubhouse, pool, and courtyard into the center of the complex.

Phase II:

Due to popular demand, we expanded in 2012. An additional two buildings were constructed to house an additional twenty units. This phase was built to the north of the existing townhomes.

The Mission:

The mission at The Pointe has always been simple; provide a community for students to reap the benefits of living off campus, while also being able to experience the ease of transportation and location that is felt while being on campus. Combining the most desired unit and community amenities with top-of-the-line safety measures and location has made The Pointe a place that students are glad to call home. If you’re a student or a parent giving our community a look, we strongly recommend you come by and experience the grounds for yourself.

Lauren Darmody

On-Site Property Manager

Janna Gates

Off-Site Property Manager

Zoey Jensen

Assistant Manager

Caroline Adam

Assistant Manager

Ella Gambaro

Assistant Manager

Sean Pfuhl

Creative Design Lead

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